Find a list of my weekly classes in the Helena area below, or contact me to schedule a private session. We can work together to develop a well-rounded yoga practice that suits your particular needs. Some reasons you may want a private session could include, among other things:

  • You're interested in starting to practice yoga but want one-on-one help to become comfortable with the asanas, or poses,
  • You have a specific and individualized need that you feel can't be addressed in a group setting, such as learning how to make particular modifications for a condition like scoliosis,
  • You have a big life event coming up (like a wedding or a first day at a new job) and want to create a plan to start your day from a grounded and mindful place,
  • You've had an asana practice for some time and are interested in diving a little deeper into the other tools in the yogic toolbox.

We can also work together on health behavior coaching, which you can learn more about here

Weekly classes


I no longer offer a weekly class in Helena, but if I start one up again I'll list it here.