Here you'll find free downloads of material I've developed on expanding your yoga practice, as well as material available for purchase that I develop for my workshop attendees. I hope you find them helpful!


Learn to Live Your Yoga: The Yamas

This packet was developed to support yoga practitioners in learning more about the first of the eight limbs of yoga, the yamas. The yamas are translated as restraints, or ways to curb or rein yourself in and take right or moral actions. 

If you follow any other guidelines, religious or otherwise, to help you live an authentic life, I think you'll find that studying the yamas is a way to support or bolster, instead of replace, those principles. They cover topics of compassion towards yourself and others, truthfulness, non-stealing (in a variety of ways, again from yourself and others), curbing overindulgence, and letting go. 

Purchase here for $5.

I can also provide one-on-one yoga sessions to talk through these principles and how to incorporate them into your practice more in depth. 

Successful Behavior Change

This packet is designed to help people think through what evidence-based steps are involved in making a change in your behavior and being successful in that change. A mock-completed form is provided for guidance. 

Purchase here for $5.

I can also provide health coaching support for working through these steps and creating a successful long-term plan.